Thursday, August 12, 2004

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming and we embroiderers are always looking for gift ideas. Here are a few ideas that I will be using this year.

Gift Containers – On occasion I will use a basket, but it is much more fun to find something different and useful. Then it’s time to fill your container with goodies.

Women on your list will love a Purse (container) monogrammed then filled with personalized hankies, cell phone case, wallet, coin purse, glasses case, and check book cover. If time is limited you can purchase these items (instead of sewing them) embroider designs on felt (our use stand alone lace) and glue them to the accessories.

Another great gift for women is the instant Tea Party. Purchase a pretty tea pot (container), then fill with a tea cozy (pattern coming soon), coasters, an apron, napkins. You can even add a table runner and placemats or table cloth. Don’t forget the tea!!

I’ll update with even more ideas soon. Don’t forget to check back for the tea cozy pattern.

If you'd like to post a project or pattern you can send it to me. Please only patterns that are created by you. Copyrighted material will not be posted.

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